Dinie Rahman started to read Fashion Design at Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts in 2007 and is now pursuing Fashion Communication at La Salle College of the Arts upon realizing his true calling. His interest sparked off in secondary school where his teacher noticed his natural aptitude for fashion and thus recommended that he focused especially on it for his assessment. Since then, he started ONESIXTYNOTEPAD and has been acknowledged as the first few individuals to pioneer the fashion blogging scene in Singapore, in a time where blogging itself was yet to be pervasive. On the sideline, Dinie is also a former online editor for Dutch cult magazine Mykromag.

Today, Dinie remains as the founder of ONESIXTYNOTEPAD.

Ridhwan Sesapar graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a Diploma in Visual Communication in 2009. He is a notable illustrator and photographer whose works have graced numerous publications including the cover and editorial spread of Style: Magazine. His illustrated journal and 3-series poster on Anorexia and Eating Disorders has earned him a silver and bronze award respectively at The Crowbar Awards 2008. Ridhwan also debuted an illustrated book in 2008.

Ridhwan is currently the Art Director for the site.

Nabil Aliffi studied in Raffles Institution where the graduated in 2009 with the top arts accolade, the Kripilani Award. At the tender age of 15, Nabil was happy just being backstage helping out as a dresser at fashion festivals. It fed his ambitions further especially after working on the Valentino Haute Couture show in 2009. Later in the year, Nabil became a resident contributor for Mykromag. In 2010, he designed costumes for the Singapore Arts Festival and serves as an assistant designer to long-standing local couturier, Laichan. Nabil was given national recognition as a Noise Singapore Artist by the Singapore Arts Council.

At present, Nabil is the Online Editor of ONESIXTYNOTEPAD.

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